Summer camp for Orphans in Belarus

Thousands of orphans are abandoned to the state in Belarus. They are housed in orphanages where many are faced with neglect and abuse. Our goal is to show the children that we care for them through the summer camps that we have planned for summer 2015. Please donate to help us bring adventurous, fun-filled camps to orphans in Rudensk, Smilovichi, Belinichi and Vileika orphanages.

In 2005, I had an opportunity to go on a Missions Trip  to Belarus for a life changing experience of being a camp counselor for orphans from Krugloye orphanage. The trip opened my eyes to the need in the country of Belarus for their growing number of orphanages full of abandoned children. After such a life changing experience my friends and family funded  the next summer camps for orphans in 2006,  2007,  and 2008. My friends (from the US, Germany, Belarus) and I actually traveled to the country those years and made these camps for orphans from two different orphanages. For the children, it was their first time away from the orphanage and in the woods, tents, and sleeping bags! This summer, my friend Dima and his team from Belarus will be making summer camp for orphans from the Viliskii orphanage, Belinichi, Rydensk and Smilovichi orphanages and need financial support. I would love to be there with them but I am currently in PA school. My dream is to go back to belarus when I am a Physician Assistant and offer free medical care to orphans. Since I can't go this summer, I ask that you please help me raise the money needed for this summer to bring hapiness into these kids' lives and give them an opportunity to have fun this summer instead of staying in the orphange. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for caring!!!

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