A Perfect Match

Perfect match matchmaking,

And it was a lot of fun plotting it out. To help pick your perfect match's personality, a list is included with each set to show which traits aid in getting which type. Look 5 Look 6 Choice 6 - 17 are a series of questions perfect match matchmaking determine the personality of your "perfect match.

A ridiculous theme song, just to tease you. Sweet What is a better monument to your love?

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Mysterious Talking for hours about everything. Just having fun, dancing like no one is watching.

Outgoing Your ideal match is Therefore, the problem of finding a minimum maximal matching is essentially equal to the problem of finding a minimum edge dominating set. Rebellious Carving your initials in a tree.

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We hope that this makes the story feel like a personalized experience. Who are you more drawn to?

Choice 20 This is just my type! Getting matching tattoos together. No effect I can take care of myself, you know. And the last set of three picks if your match will be impulsive or logical.

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Do you believe your perfect match exists IRL? Skydiving over the coast of New Zealand.

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I remember writing really frantically and messily across many whiteboards. Impulsive A perfect day, planned meticulously.