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They share too many of the same vital organs to count of like one vagina, one bladder, one rib cage, whatever else i can't think of. Shouldn't it be above the waist line What happens if an accident were to befall on only one of the twins, and hence dies, and the other is left alive? I suspect the family choose to purchase two airline tickets in keeping with their family policy of encouraging the world to see Abby and Brittany as two individuals.

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Gods, [wo]man, try thinking before you speak. People can waltz just fine without having brains wired together.

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Such as the original Siamese twins, even using medical techniques of the day one could've been saved. It occurs to me that you are alluding to the ultimate question about their eventual end-of-life.

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It's not necessarily any of the public's business. I deleted the sentence about how "rumours of the twins appearing in a sitcom are unfounded", since it's unsubstantiated by definition and frankly sounds like patent nonsense. I came to this page after viewing the TV special. Could one of the twins get the other twin placed on a sex offender list?

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It is was a cornerstone of ancient roman law based family law that the identitiy of the mother is always known for certain. I'm not sure, but when I tried to edit the page and remove the word see belowit was not visible on the edit page. As such, it's technically possible for one to go against the other's wishes and someone kill a person.

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Lets hope they don't have to suffer for that. That said, there's the usual legal question of who owns the pictures in question, particularly if the images have been taken from newspaper or magazine sources, especially if they're taken from this documentary. They have also told us that the Hensel family do not want any photos of the girls to be published without the family's permission. As well, please remember that wikipedia article talk pages are not for general discussion of a subject, they're for discussion of changes and improvements to be made to the article.

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They are now 16 years old, so it is not that remote. They would legally marry two men. The moderator of the group wrote in with the following message today: To be honest I feel vilified over the whole thing.

The twins themselves have stated that they do not wish to be separated. Maybe the Hensel twins will likewise marry brothers, perhaps even conjoined twin brothers.

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If they want to marry, can they have a single husband bigamy on part of the guy if you count per capita, but not if you count per womb or two husbands but what if the heads dislike each other's choice? Since the twins have two social security numbers and such, marriage is no issue because each twin would fill out a different marriage license with her own name and social security information.

UA a bit of a freak show. This strikes me as completely trivial and unencyclopedic, and irrelevant to anyone except the girls, their family and their friends. An article on their kind of conjoined twins could be better but I can't see how it'd be much else than "See Abby and Brittany".

Quoting from the main page: So one twin marrying would not affect the marital status of the other in the slightest. As far as the nervous system and coordination, it's interesting how well they manage, but it's not magic or even surprising.

I think it's wrong offensive to list the freak phreeque website as, "Hensel sisters page with pictures.